Frequently Asked Questions

Your dealer may not be your best choice for collision repair. Many of the highest-quality facilities in the area are not affiliated with dealers.

Your dealer generally has no unique edge in terms of technology, techniques, or parts availability when it comes to repairing your vehicle after a collision. Rather than automatically returning to your dealer for collision repairs, we encourage you to be a careful shopper when selecting a repair facility. Ask your friends, neighbors, and relatives about the experiences they have had with collision repair facility, and select the shop you think will provide the highest quality result.

Yes if the total damage is greater than $700.
If the total damage is less than $700, you do not need to file an accident report.

If the damage to your car is greater than your car’s worth, we can assist you in negotiating with your insurance company to reach an acceptable settlement.

An honest repair shop will always say no. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance carrier. It states that if you are involved in a collision, you are responsible for the first portion of the repairs (your deductible) and any depreciation or betterment on parts. The insurance company will pay the rest.

If we do fewer repairs than agreed to with the insurance company, you are still responsible for the initial amount – your deductible. Any reduction in cost should go; directly, to the insurance company.

However, there is a legitimate way to reduce your cost. Suppose you have a small scratch on your chrome bumper. Suppose further that it would cost $400 to replace it. You can talk to the insurance company about an “appearance allowance.” An appearance allowance is a negotiated compensation for NOT replacing your bumper and agreeing to compensate you somewhere between $0 and $400. The agreed upon price is a matter for you and your insurance company to negotiate.

It may be very difficult. However, a high-quality facility will take the steps necessary to ensure your satisfaction with the match. The following is a brief description of how paint-matching works.

Your vehicle carries a paint code, printed on a label frequently located under the hood of your car. This code specifically identifies your car’s color and is used by the repair shop to determine which paint-mixing formula should be used. This works fine if your vehicle is precisely the color specified by the paint code. However, in the actual vehicle production, there are often slight variations.

If your vehicle is not the exact color specified by the factory, the first step in paint matching is “tinting” or varying the amount of the components in the formula. Sometimes, a perfect match cannot be obtained by tinting alone. In these cases, blending techniques are used. The last little bit of variance is made invisible by painting portions of the vehicle adjacent to the repaired areas so that the color changes are unnoticeable. This can make the difference between a very good match and an invisible repair.

Proper paint-matching techniques require a high level of skill and sometimes a great deal of patience. All our technicians are trained and certified by the paint manufacturers. Be sure you select a repair facility that will take the time to produce a match in the perfect range and will not be satisfied with merely good results.

Because each situation is different, there is no standard time period necessary to make repairs. The length of time is dependent on the extent of the damage, availability of parts, and of course, your insurance adjuster’s timeliness. However, we do everything we can to keep your repair time as short as possible.

Our estimates are free, and you may drop in for an estimate anytime during our hours of operation. Estimates take approximately 20 minutes to complete, depending upon the extent of the damage.

You are responsible for your deductible, if you have one, payable to us at the completion of repairs. The insurance company is responsible for all repair expenses above your deductible. It costs you no more to choose the repair facility that provides the highest quality repairs.


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